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Footfall is one of the best customer management system or visitor management system. It is designed to help you reach your customers and connect with them easily. Connect with customers and lead management system in one click. Send them a bulk email and bulk SMS with a single click.

Connect your customer and visitor with our footfall, which is a smart and intelligent system. Allows you to manage your leads and contacts and expand your customer data!

You can share customer and visitor numbers directly without saving them on WhatsApp. An easy way to identify all the leads is by different categories like “hot”, and “cold”.

The person to whom the notification is automatically sent via SMS or email we add to the leads. While the user can leave a rating of their reviews/experience for feedback.

Footfall is one of the best Visitor Management System which can help you maintain the leads that are coming into your office/business as well as maintain the overall data. Footfall can be helpful as a Lead management system.

Let's you connect to your customers